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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000301   [iHomeServer v3]
minorconfirmed2014-07-27TODO: Localization of iHS 3 specific features is not complete
  0000006    [iHomeServer v3]
minorconfirmed2013-06-12TODO: Add AirPlay speaker control / multiplay to the iHomeServer web interface
  0000354    [iHomeServer v3]
Watch Folders
minornew2017-05-02Watch Folders Fail to Index All Tracks
  00003481   [My Media for Alexa]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-04-18Alexa does not respond that your license has expired on Welcome intent
  00003491   [My Media for Alexa]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-04-18Alexa responds with an error if subscription has expired and you ask her to play music
  00003501   [My Media for Alexa]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-04-17Cannot map network drives using My Media
  00003531   [My Media for Alexa]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-04-17Not showing trial timeout on main form
  00003511   [My Media for Alexa]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-04-17your 7 day trial says it s a 1 year membership at 0$ so shoudnt it just say 7 dqy trial instead of the one.year on the descripti
  0000352    [My Media for Alexa]
minornew2017-04-17Shortcut does not make the existing My Media console app restore
  0000347    [iHomeServer v3]
Handbrake Conversions
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08Handbrake CLI is no longer bundled with the main Handbrake download. Autodownload of the CLI is a useful enhancement
  00003461   [iHomeServer v3]
Handbrake Conversions
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08Handbrake 1.0 and later do not work with iHomeServer
  0000345    [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08iHomeServer needs to support Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016 Essentials
  00003441   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08Dependency on QuickTime must be removed
  00003431   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08iHomeServer requires use of the 64-bit version of iTunes for Older Graphics Cards
  00003421   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08TV Series search has a max value of 100 for the series selection. This is insufficient as some series use years as their season
  0000341    [iHomeServer v3]
minorassigned (bizmodeller)2017-03-08TV Series search has a max value of 100 for the series selection. This is insufficient as some series use years as their season
  00003403   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2017-03-08importing videos
  00003395   [iHomeServer v3]
crashresolved (bizmodeller)2016-04- Crash: Could not start iHomeServer Console.
  00003381   [iHomeServer v3]
Library Synchronisation
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2016-01-30Bonjour agent is not restarted after resuming a PC from sleep/hibernate
  00003375   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-12-17iTunes 12.3 Music items causes iTunesLibraryAgent::UpdateFromLibrary exception
  00003283   [iHomeServer v3]
Watch Folders
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-12-17iHomeServer always scanning for media without actually updating iTunes
  00003361   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-10-30iTunes built-in CD ripping may fail if multiple matches are found
  00002561   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-10-30Bug: If using iTunes Match then iHomeserver may not correctly delete tracks from iTunes
  00003311   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
minorresolved (administrator)2015-10-30Add Warning when iTunes XML creation is not enabled
  00003321   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-10-30Add support for hiding folders beginning with underscores
  0000335    [iHomeServer v3]
featureassigned (bizmodeller)2015-09-25Feature: Add CLI support to iHomeServer
  0000334    [iHomeServer v3]
featureresolved (bizmodeller)2015-08-30Feature: Windows 10 Support
  0000333    [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-08-25Web interface not formatting properly on some devices
  0000329    [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-08-24Some metadata searches make too many requests to themoviedb,org tripping the rate limiter
  00003261   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-04-14iTunes library will not be parsed if tracks include invalid season or other data
  0000325    [iHomeServer v3]
Handbrake Conversions
featureassigned (bizmodeller)2015-03-22Feature: allow transcoding or offline conversions for FLAC files so iTunes can play these
  00003241   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-03-15iHomeServer Console may crash if mDNS does not initialize correctly (eg due to Firewall)
  00003231   [iHomeServer v3]
majornew2015-03- - Auto Tag Image Issue
  00003221   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-02-01Incompatibility with iTunes 12.1 64-bit for Watch Folder video imports
  0000321    [iHomeServer v3]
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-01-25Bug: Web interface may not render on Windows Phone 8 after Windows Updates
  00003201   [iHomeServer v3]
iTunes Compatibility
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-01-11Bug: iTunes may not start in full screen mode when opening it interactively
  00003171   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-01-10If iHomeServer crashes and restarts, TCP ports may not be released resulting in failure to bind on restart
  00003161   [iHomeServer v3]
featureresolved (bizmodeller)2015-01-10Feature: Add 'Home Videos' as a top level category in the iTunes View list instead of showing as a normal playlist
  00003181   [iHomeServer v3]
Handbrake Conversions
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2015-01-10Bug: PostConversion macros are not expanding
  00003191   [iHomeServer v3]
Handbrake Conversions
featureresolved (bizmodeller)2015-01-10Feature: Allow option to enable loose-anamorphic on Handbrake conversions to help maintain aspect ratio
  00003152   [iHomeServer v3]
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2014-12-17iHomeServer will not detect iTunes at install time.
  00003141   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2014-11-29Installation may fail if Windows firewall is disabled
  00002951   [iHomeServer v3]
featureresolved (bizmodeller)2014-11-24Feature: Support for granular permissions in the web interface - eg read-only access
  00003111   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2014-11-16Bug: AutoTag does not set media type to TV if the underlying Watch Folder is set forced to Movies
  00003121   [iHomeServer v3]
majorresolved (bizmodeller)2014-11-16Bug: AutoTag does not occur if iTunes configured to copy media file to Watch Folders and iHomeServer config to delete src file
  00003101   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2014-11-16bug: Skip season subfolders when generating the AutoTag TV Series search list
  0000313    [iHomeServer v3]
Watch Folders
minorassigned (bizmodeller)2014-11-16Bug: Deleting a file that has failed import does not decrement the Watch Folder failures summary total
  0000309    [iHomeServer v3]
featureassigned (bizmodeller)2014-10-14Feature: allow search function across key fields in iTunes Web interface
  0000308    [iHomeServer v3]
featureassigned (bizmodeller)2014-10-13Feature: add ability to view albums by a specific artist in web view
  00003061   [iHomeServer v3]
minorresolved (bizmodeller)2014-10-13German language improvements
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